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      42 products

      Tennis Racquets

      Match-winning Tennis Racquets at Your Fingertips

      Pro Racquets is the Australian Open stringing service provider of choice. We offer a vast collection of premium branded tennis racquets constructed with precision and flair, all available for online order at your convenience. Our team of experienced tennis professionals offer invaluable advice to take your technique to the next level and help you improve your game with the right equipment to suit your style – from novice to Novak; we have you covered.

      When Buying Tennis Racquets Online, Consider This

      Buying products online can be a tricky experience for some without the real-time advice of a professional so, our experienced team has compiled some key points to guide you when making your next purchase.

      • Frequency of play. In our experience, we find that the number of times you use your gear in an average month will determine its lifespan. Will you be training for your next grand slam or casual, friendly tourney? If you’re vying for the title and attending regular practice sessions, durability is key. In this case, we recommend racquets manufactured using graphite-composite materials for high endurance.
      • Level of play. As with the frequency of your play, the intensity of your stroke can determine the equipment you need. We often hear of our clients experiencing ‘tennis elbow’ in their early years of competing, a common injury caused by repetitive strain of the muscles in the forearm, which can be attributed to using a racquet that is not suitably shock-absorbent. As your game improves, we recommend upgrading to a racquet approximately 300 grams or heavier in weight.
      • Court/Environmental Conditions. The surface of the court can influence the wear and tear on your racquet over time. Grass courts offer a lower bounce of the ball, leading players to rely heavily on strong serves to rack up points. This calls for a broad-sized head for increased power, while other surfaces such as clay or hard courts provide the opportunity for lengthier rallies and require racquets with dynamic, streamlined designs to match.

      What Sets Yonex Tennis Racquets Apart

      Here's what you can expect when you join the league that serves the best in the sport:

      • High-quality craftsmanship. We commit ourselves to deliver on our brand promises to produce the finest quality products and high-speed turnaround time. When you choose Yonex, you can rest assured that each of our racquets is engineered with the latest tools and technological advancements to improve functionality and have you looking and feeling like a pro in no time.
      • Going the extra mile. Our dynamic team of stringers offer services at renowned tournaments worldwide as well as right here, on your doorstep, with a store conveniently situated in Hurstville, New South Wales, to help you maintain your equipment in optimal condition and offer helpful tips and advice to improve your usage and technique.
      • Spoilt for Choice. If you prefer to opt for an alternative brand, we highly recommend any Wilson tennis racquets or Head tennis racquets available to browse in our online store. These trusted names in the industry have seen many victories, and we have no doubt that you will relish all the benefits these designs have to offer.

      Game, Set, and Match With Babolat Pro Tennis Racquets

      Gain the advantage over your opponents with high-quality equipment, ongoing service, and technical advice from our team of top stringers that will ensure you step onto the court feeling confident for every clash. Take the first step to acing your next final by equipping yourself with the latest in tennis gear from Pro Racquets available for purchase online, or contact us for more guidance.