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      267 products

      Badminton Racquets

      Quality Badminton Racquets for Your Best Game

      Badminton is a popular game where players hit a shuttlecock over a net using racquets. It can be played outdoors for fun or as a serious competitive sport on indoor courts. Badminton has been a Summer Olympic sport since 1992. Any number of players can play the game, but most competitions are either singles or doubles. The nature of the game requires aerobic fitness, speed, and agility to handle the badminton racquets properly and win the game.

      How to Select Your Yonex Badminton Racquet

      There are many brands of badminton racquets for sale, with Yonex, a Japanese manufacturer, offering both quality beginner and top-end, professional racquets. The abundance of models can be confusing, but we quickly present a guide on how to choose the best Yonex racquet for your level and style:

      • Balance point. The point of balance of racquets is defined as head-heavy, even balanced and head-light. As the name suggests, an evenly balanced racquet will provide balanced performance during play and is a good option for beginners. A head-heavy model allows for more powerful hitting, but at the expense of less speed, whereas a head-light model is great for the fast swinging required for front- and mid-court play but less effective at smashing strokes.
      • Shaft flexibility. Shaft flexibility ranges from flexible to extra stiff and describes how much the racquet shaft can bend during play. Flexible racquets are recommended for beginners and players with a slow stroke action or who use a lot of arm motion. The stiff racquets require strong wrist actions and are ideal for hard-hitting players.
      • Weight. The weight of a badminton racquet is denoted as a U-rating, with 4U being the lightest and 1U the heaviest weight. Beginners should start with a 3U racquet, which is light enough for most types of play and control without straining the arm and shoulders.
      • Hand grip. The type of grip – towel or synthetic – and the size is mostly a matter of preference for the player. However, a grip that is too thin or too thick will quickly tire the hand and reduce the effectiveness of strokes. Choose what feels right and listen to the advice of more experienced players.
      • String tension. All racquets have a specified range for the string tension that must be followed to prevent damage to the racquet. It is always suggested that beginners use the lower range because it offers better shock absorption and increases the racquet’s sweet spot for more consistent play. Higher string tension is for experienced players and requires powerful hits with similar results.

      Equipment Additional to Yonex Badminton Racquets

      We also have other badminton equipment and services available to players in Australia. We ship all orders country-wide to your door or you can collect at our store in Hurstville, NSW.

      • Other equipment and brands. We sell premium competition and practice shuttlecocks, nets, replacement grips, clothing, and shoes. We test all the brands we stock, including Yonex, Victor, and Li-ning.
      • Yonex stringing services. We are official Yonex stringers and will quickly restring your badminton racquet using the correct string and tension for your playing level and style.

      Contact us if you have any queries about choosing the right badminton racquet for sale.