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      154 products

      Badminton Clothing

      Get the Advantage With Quality Badminton Clothing

      Badminton demands physical prowess. The right racquet and lightning-fast reflexes alone will only get you so far, and you will need to take every advantage you can get to overcome your opponent. Wearing the best badminton clothing is essential if you are going to be competitive and stand out as a player.

      Wearing the appropriate clothing for your chosen sport goes a long way to supporting freedom of movement while providing maximum protection. We offer a wide range of clothing options developed specifically for badminton players, from badminton shirts and shorts to shoes specifically designed to provide optimal foot support while playing.

      The Benefits of Wearing Victor Badminton Clothing

      Wearing the best sports apparel that modern technology can produce optimises comfort and protection on the court, helping you focus all your energy on the game at hand. Victor has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of badminton apparel, racquets, shoes, and accessories since the ‘70s. We stock the full complement of Victor apparel, designed and manufactured specifically for badminton players.

      • Victor Badminton shirts employ technology that draws sweat away from your body and into the fabric. They aid in keeping you cool and dry on the court. They are made from fast-drying material that ensures you are not encumbered by a sweat-soaked shirt while playing.
      • Badminton players run around much more than players of similar sports like tennis. The game moves significantly faster, and you need to effortlessly change direction and get to the shuttlecock fast. Victor badminton shorts were designed to reduce friction and allow unrestricted movement.
      • Except for your talent and fitness, badminton shoes and socks make the biggest contribution to court performance, providing support for your feet and grip for your step. Victor is a world-renowned badminton apparel and accessories manufacturer and official partner of the Taiwan and Korean badminton teams.

      Why Choose Pro Racquets as Your Badminton Product Supplier of Choice?

      We are a prominent Australian supplier of badminton, tennis, table tennis, squash, and swimming apparel and accessories, stocking the widest range of professional products from the world’s top brands.

      • We carry the world’s top badminton apparel and accessories, including Victor, Yonex, Li Ning, and much more. Whether you are a beginner badminton player, a casual weekend player, or a seasoned professional, we have the products to help you get the best out of your game.
      • Our convenient online shop places everything you need easily within reach at the touch of a button. Browse through our extensive catalogue at your leisure from the comfort of your home for fast and reliable delivery to your door.
      • We’ve partnered with Afterpay for your buying convenience. You can buy now and pay it off in four easy, interest-free payments, making our products more accessible and affordable for our customers.

      About Pro Racquets

      From humble beginnings in a Southern Sydney shop, Pro Racquets has expanded nationally via our convenient online store, selling top-quality sports apparel and accessories to customers throughout Australia.

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