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      Badminton Shoes

      Support Your Step and Enhance Your Game With Quality Badminton Shoes

      Whether you take a competitive or social stance on the sport, if you’re committed to playing regularly, you should invest in quality pair of badminton shoes. Not only do the thin gum rubber soles aid your quick foot movements, but they also prevent marks from appearing on the court and may help to reduce the risk of injury. We have an extensive range of badminton shoes for women and men, so you can select the ideal style and size to suit your game.

      Benefits of Wearing Men’s Badminton Shoes

      There are numerous benefits to wearing badminton shoes that you can’t get from your regular running sneakers.

      • You can keep up with the fast-paced game: Wielding a racquet and hitting a shuttlecock back and forth is a fast-paced game that requires you to move quickly and consistently. The thin soles of badminton footwear allow you to feel closer to the ground and change directions rapidly, unlike thick-soled running shoes. They also aid in flexibility, acceleration, and stability for a better sporting experience.
      • The shoe grip is specific to the badminton game: Running shoe soles tend to have horizontal lines for grip to support the forward motion. However, with badminton, as you mostly step laterally, the sole design has a triangular or honeycomb pattern to support rapid movement.
      • The shoes are comfortable: Badminton shoes can reduce the risk of injuries such as a twisted ankle. They offer a comfortable and tight fit with anti-torque protection.

      Things To Consider When Buying Shoes for Badminton

      If you’re new to the sport or want to get a better pair of shoes, consider our tips for selecting the most suitable footwear.

      • Weight: You want shoes that suit the fast-paced play of the game. Heavy footwear can make movements and quick direction changes slow, so get lightweight badminton shoes that allow you to keep up with the game.
      • Flexibility: During play, you’ll move through various motions when reaching for the shuttlecock, including deep lunges and jump shots. Therefore, your shoes should provide you with the flexibility to accomplish these movements.
      • Cushioning: Despite your need for light and flexible shoes, you should also make sure they have enough cushioning and support your joints against impact. As badminton requires jumps and quick changes in direction, the cushioning will give your knees and feet soft support on the hard court.

      Other characteristics to consider in your search for quality footwear includes moisture control, breathability, a thin non-marking sole, a close and comfortable fit, and a design that allows your ankle to move freely. We offer a selection of premium badminton shoes that meet your sporting requirements.

      A Buyers Guide to Yonex Badminton Shoes

      Whether you’re shopping online or in-store for Yonex shoes, here are some features that you should know about this top-quality brand.

      • Wide and narrow feet: These badminton shoes are a narrow fit to reduce the side-to-side movement of your foot while you run, jump, and step. This feature assists in your movement control and can help to prevent blisters. However, we recommend going up half a size to accommodate a better fit if you have wider feet. After wearing your shoes for a few games, you may notice the fit relaxing, yet it won’t compromise your foot stability.
      • Impact protection: Yonex shoes excel in protecting your knees, ankles, and feet against impact with their Power Cushion Plus technology. This shock absorption technology gives you added protection when playing and aids in preventing injuries.
      • Durability: Yonex maintains a high manufacturing standard and creates long-lasting and durable shoes. They will get you through many years of playing multiple games a week, whether you’re training, competing, or enjoying a social match.

      Yonex shoes offer you exceptional comfort for playing badminton with their breathable fabric, quality insoles, and premium laces.

      Shop Pro Racquets Badminton Shoes for Men and Women

      You can readily access quality badminton shoes to enhance your game from our extensive, quality, and stylish range. Our professional and knowledgeable team can provide you with more information about Yonex and Li-Ning badminton shoes so you can select the most suitable fit for your playing styles and budget.

      Shop online, visit us in-store or contact us with any questions.