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      Tennis Grips

      The Right Replacement Tennis Grips

      A comfortable grip on your racquet is essential for a winning game, and it’s important to replace the grip regularly. There are a host of different tennis grips on the market, and we recommend that players experiment to find the type that works for them.

      The Two Basic Options for Tennis Racquet Grips

      The options for replacement racquet grips are extensive, but fortunately, they all fall into two basic options: base grip and overgrip. Both types are a matter of preference, but it helps if you know the general qualities of each grip and how your play will benefit from the right choice.

      • Base grip. The grip is supplied as a tape wound around the racquet’s handle. All quality racquets are sold with base grips. There are many formats, each with unique qualities that players will appreciate during the game. The padded underside of the tape provides excellent shock absorption, and most synthetic tapes have holes to decrease the build-up of sweat. If applied correctly, the base grip will last many months for the casual club player and is not especially difficult to replace.
      • Overgrip. An overgrip is essentially tape wound over the existing base grip. The thinner material provides less padding than that of a base grip, and for this reason, it is not recommended to use on a bare handle. Made from synthetic material, the overgrip can either be tacky for better grip or hyper-absorbent for sweaty hands. An overgrip lasts about ten hours of play for the active weekend club player.

      It is also possible to combine grips. Some players prefer using two overgrips, as it dramatically increases the handle’s thickness and allows for a more open hand posture that is beneficial for players with arm or shoulder injuries. In many cases, we recommend considering a different base grip instead.

      A Tennis Racquet Grip for Any Preference and Style of Play

      Many underlying aspects make for a quality racquet grip replacement, but for most players, it simply boils down to how the grip affects and improves their game. Choosing replacement grips made by reputable manufacturers is always the best option. Here are some brief notes about our three premier brands available from our web shop:

      • Yonex tennis grips. Yonex is a recognised manufacturer of quality tennis, and badminton racquets and this quality is also found in their grips. Both grips are available in various colours, and the standard properties of highly absorbent or tacky for extra grip.
      • Babolat tennis grips. Babolat manufactures several synthetic grips, as well as the traditional leather base grip. The XCEL Gel base grip is an innovation that successfully adds thickness and shock absorption, while the VS Original overgrip allows players to feel the contours of the handle for more diverse play.
      • Wilson tennis grips. Wilson sets the standard with their Pro line of grips, which is also the preferred overgrip of many professional players. The Cushion-Aire Classic Sponge replacement grip has excellent moisture absorption, and the tacky surface ensures a secure grip during the most intense sets.

      Pro Racquets is the complete web shop for Australian tennis players and other sports such as badminton and squash, where they can purchase the best international brands. We stock Wilson, Babolat, HEAD and Yonex tennis racquet base and overgrips.

      Contact us if you require assistance with choosing the correct tennis racquet grip.