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      38 products

      Escalate Performance With Professional Badminton Grips

      Changing out the grip on your badminton racquet, while not necessary, is certainly recommended. New racquets come with badminton grips, but as any seasoned player will tell you, finding the right grip for you and your playing style is rated as one of the most important factors impacting on the performance of your racquet.

      Each player has their own preferences when it comes to badminton racquet grips. Some players prefer them thicker, while some like them paper-thin. Your choice of racquet grip will affect the way you play and can help you improve everything from your hold power and grip to striking power, accuracy, and technical shots.

      Why Choose Yonex Badminton Grips?

      Yonex is a leading manufacturer of grips for badminton racquets, offering a wide range of thicknesses, various tacks, superior absorbency, and optimal durability. Whatever your grip preference, Yonex makes a product that will complement your game. In fact, since its introduction in 1987, the Yonex Super Grap has sold enough to wrap the whole world five times over.

      • Besides your choice of racquet, the grip you use has the most significant impact on your playing. Whether you prefer a thicker, softer grip, or a thinner, stiffer one, you will find a Yonex product that suits your needs.
      • Yonex grips for badminton players are among the best-selling grips in the world, and for good reason. Used by some of the world’s foremost players, Yonex grips represent the best quality that money can buy, ranging from grips that promote superior striking power, to others that feature increased control and 'feel', to super sweat-absorbent grips.
      • Grips primarily stop your racquet from becoming too slippery due to sweat. They can also contribute to the power and accuracy of your swing and the comfort of the racquet in your hand. Yonex grips offer the widest range of grip styles to suit players regardless of their preference.

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